The Margaret Reed Channel-YouTube

Click here for my new YouTube channelThe Margaret Reed Channel.  New material will be  added continually. Enjoy!

In production on 2 films concurrently now.  One is the drama from director John Desiderio entitled Silenus, in which I play the mother of an autistic adult child whose husband has abandoned her, leaving her to discover aspects of herself that had previously been hidden.  The other is the hilarious new film by Joe Ronca called By the Dashboard Light in which I play the erotic-Jeopardy-like game show enthusiast who cares more about her TV show than her wayward son’s and daughter’s problems.  And watch for the new pilot, Burn the Ocean, by Roger Casey and Sean Hudock, directed by Ashlea Hartz and produced by Brooke McDaniel, in which I play an ex-CIA, bomb-strapped agent.

Recording a bunch of top-secret voiceover dialogue and efforts for an Academy Award winning actress, directed by an Academy Award winning director was a thrill-a-minute.  It opened last October, with another Academy Award winner as the other star of the film. Wish I could tell ya what the suspense-filled film is, but then, well…..let’s just say, it wouldn’t be pretty…  It was one of the most creatively fulfilling and rewardingly exhausting few days of production that I’ve ever experienced.  The Academy Award winning editor of the film (wish I could tell ya his name, but, well…. you know the drill…) was extraordinary in his ability to convey what the film needed from me, while he coordinated his comments, via Skype from across the ocean with the director, to the LoopersUnlimited theatre & voiceover director Dann Fink, then on to me with precision and inspiration.  So grateful for them both and for the amazing talents of Mark DiSimone, the mixer at Soundtrack Studios in Manhattan.