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IMG_maggie.ret.8234-GOODAug. 24, 2014 TV Pilot Workshop with Michael McCarthy

Aug. 21, 2104  Voiceover auditions for Capital One and CIT

Aug. 20, 2014  Voiceover audition Toyota

Aug. 18, 2014  Film promo scenes for “By the Dashboard Light”

Aug. 15, 2014  Callback for Lyrica

Aug. 14, 2014  New headshot shoot with Anthony Grasso

Aug. 14, 2014  Audition on-camera commercial TWC Price Waterhouse

Aug. 14, 2014  Voiceover audition JP Morgan Chase

Aug. 12, 2014  Audition on-camera commercial Lyrica

Aug. 10, 2014  On hold for booking for AstraZeneca voiceover

Aug. 9, 2014   Reading of Homer’s The Odyssey at 107 West Restaurant, Manhattan.  Created by Ben Gougeon.

Aug. 8, 2014   Voiceover audition for First Niagara Bank

Aug. 8, 2014  Voiceover auditions for Mayo Clinic

Aug. 7, 2014   Record more voiceover copy for Wearable Technology

Aug. 7, 2014   Voiceover auditions for Portland State University, MTV Three By Five, DirectorPoint, and HugFun.

Aug. 6, 2014  Voiceover audition for AstraZeneca

July 30 – Aug. 6, 2014  Holiday (James Taylor concert! :))

July 29, 2014  VoiceOver audition for Crest

July 28, 2014  Audition for the film “Spank” by Bridget Smith and Mike Walsh

July 23, 2014  VoiceOver audition for Learning Management Systems: Diabetes

July 22, 2014  Record RENEW voiceovers

July 20, 2014  VoiceOver audition for K-Mart

July 16, 2014   VoiceOver auditions for Simple Skin

July 12, 2014   By The Dashboard Light begins filming

July 9, 2014    1st refusal for Fidelity

July 9, 2014    On-camera audition for Fidelity

July 9, 2014    VoiceOver audition for Chase

July 7, 2014    VoiceOver audition for Geico

July 8, 2014    Booking for RENEW voiceovers

July 7, 2014     Record Wearable Technology voiceover

July 3, 2014     Voiceover audition for Symbicort

July 2, 2014     On-camera commercial audition for Verizon FIOS

July 1, 2014     Booking for Wearable Technology promo voiceover

July 1, 2014      VoiceOver audition for IBM

June 29, 2014  1st Rehearsal for the funny film, By The Dashboard Light by Joe Ronca and Sienna Golden Malik

June 27, 2014   VoiceOver auditions for Humira, Reliant, and Bayer

June 26, 2014   Audition for the role of Marie in the comedic play, “Teddy’s Doll House” by Kathleen Kaan, directed by Leonard Peters

June 23, 2014   VoiceOver audition for FEMA

June 16, 2014    VoiceOver audition for Brisdelle

June 15, 2014   Record promo trailer for the film “Debtonator”

June 13, 2014   Booking for the film “Debtonator” promo trailer.

April 24, 2014   Booked the role of Alice, in Joe Ronca and Sienna Golden Malik’s hilarious film, “By the Dashboard Light.”

March 26, 2014 Booking for Ensure voiceover.


Student Bookings

Rising star Trey Gerrald, has a recurring role on Orange is the New Black and has appeared and will be on Tina Fey’s Tooken, You’re the Worst, Next Caller, and The Carrie Diaries, to name a few.  Tom Coll has booked. So has Megan Grocutt. Likewise with Daniel Hepner, Bill Beckwith, Joe Gesuale, Jill Wurzburg, Megan Elliott, Rahmel Reid, Terrence Jenkins, Jeff Joslin, Irene Minko, Max Brand, and so many more of my students/clients. In projects such as Blue Jasmine, The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, Nurse Jackie, The Fosters, The Good Wife, Win, Win with Paul Giamatti and the new HBO miniseries directed by Todd Haynes with Kate Winslet as Mildred Pierce (and yours truly as Maggie Biederhof), plus indie films, TV, stage, and internet productions.

This year has been an embarrassment of riches for us all. May it continue on in all of our lives who read this and want the world to be a richer place by giving audiences food for thought, emotional inspirations, and insights they might not have had before.

Please let me know how your projects are going. I’d love to hear about anything you’re working on. And send me a link to your website or Facebook, ActorsAccess, etc. page. I’ll display it on my Links page. Bravo to you for living your dreams!