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3 Reasons You Should Get Rid of Your Lawn

by Maggie Reed 12/22/2021

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Whether in the front yard or back, a healthy lawn is an ideal many homeowners struggle to maintain. A perfect lawn can be a point of pride, but also a source of frustration. With the increasing focus on environmental consciousness, many homeowners are replacing their lawns with sustainable alternatives. Many of these alternatives are not only environmentally friendly but far lower maintenance than a lawn. Here are some reasons to consider replacing your own lawn as well:

Save Water

One of the leading arguments against having a lawn is the amount of water needed to maintain it. Unfortunately, much of the water used on lawns, whether residential or commercial properties, ends up going right down the drain, anyway. Lawn sprinkler systems waste an enormous amount of water year-round. Choosing to replace your lawn with a less demanding alternative will help you reduce your water consumption. This not only helps your local environment in the event of drought, but keeps your costs down, too.

Save Money

When you add up everything you use to take care of your lawn, the expense can be shocking. The water consumption alone can increase your regular utility bills, but you also have to factor in things like mowing, edge trimming, fertilizer and pesticides. Even when doing everything yourself you can’t avoid the constant expense lawns require. If you pay for professional landscaping service, that’s another regular bill to add to your budget. Replacing your lawn with something sustainable and low-maintenance will save you money over the life of your home and yard.

Save Time

For many, lawn care is a weekly chore. Depending on the size of your yard, you can use up hours of your weekend or evenings just with mowing the grass. Not only do all the elements involved in lawn care take up your free time, it also limits the potential for enjoying your outdoor spaces in other ways. Consider the alternative uses of the lawn space you currently have. You might get more use and enjoyment out of a concrete patio where you can entertain and cook meals, for example. Replacing the lawn space with garden beds gives you the option and space to grow vegetables and flowers.

Sustainable Alternatives

If you’re considering replacing your lawn with something easier to care for and better for the environment, you might wonder exactly what to do instead. Plain dirt might have its utility, but it’s certainly not for everyone. Some of the best alternatives for your lawn include other green options like clover or creeping thyme. These are fast-spreading and hardy plants that cover a lot of ground and don’t require more than occasional maintenance. Another option if you want to eliminate your water usage entirely is to use bark chips, gravel or stone hardscaping. Consider the aesthetic and the functionality that will best suit your needs—for example, gravel won’t be the best choice for homeowners with dogs or other outdoor pets with sensitive feet. Whatever you choose, you’ll find that replacing your lawn with a sustainable alternative will save you time and money while reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

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